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Appraiser Secrets for Real Estate Investors

Episode 501

My new video blog is for every single real estate investor who has a deal which must be evaluated to determine the value and if it has the possibility to be profitable. It could your first deal or 100th, this factor won’t change.

Look, you make your profit when you buy. Therefore valuation data and training are key to your success. It couldn’t be any simpler. Know the value and you win and win big.

You can not get better valuation training and data than what I will share with you here at my video blog I am the only known appraiser who took his skills and became a highly successful real estate investor.

My absolute passion for real estate valuation is at times hard to contain. Whether traveling across the country or the globe, I am always looking at real estate to analyze and determine the true market value.

I am going to ask you a question, “How much did you lose on your last deal, even if you made a profit”? Through my video blog together we can help you overcome that question.

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